About us

FONS Records is an independent record label, based in Hasselt, Belgium. Founded in 2012 by the Belgian indie-rockers Fence, committed to handling all their activities themselves in a true DIY spirit. Within a few years dozens of befriended bands were signed to FONS Records, and the label has been growing continuously. The artists are emerging young talents as well as seasoned musicians, active somewhere across the wide spectrum of musical expression. FONS offers you a fine selection of pop, rock, experimental, electronics, hardcore and even some rap. And yes, we do sell vinyl and CD’s! As true vinyllovers, we love the action of opening a sleeve, putting on a record and enjoying it’s imperfection. We are actively trying to extend the period of relevance for grooves on plastic, knowing that we are dealing in collectables. Naturally you can find most of our releases on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer and the likes!

Enjoy the music!